Things to do in Chicago

Things to do in Chicago


There are a bunch of things to do and a lot of places to visit in Chicago that you will never run out of idea about how you are going to spend your visit in this beautiful place. Chicago boasts some of the finest cuisines found on some of the restaurants that are part of the top 100 restaurants in the US. It is where the attractions such as the tallest building in the US, other buildings with the finest architecture and world’s best museums are rooted. Not to mention the entertainment scene where in one of the best orchestras in world, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra can be witnessed. So how do you choose between all of Chicago’s top restaurants, museums, nightlife and shopping districts to fit into your week’s travel plans? With events every weekends, theater and live bands every night, and beautiful parks and gardens that can be seen everyday, Chicago buzzes with beauty, energy and excitement all year round. Let us be your guide for all of the best that Chicago has to offer.

pizza-1313589_1280The Taste of Chicago

Go around the streets of Chicago and sample your way through Chicago’s most popular food scene. What could be better than fun drinks and cocktails as well as delicious desserts in the River North Area? Enjoy Chicago’s famous pizza, italian beef, craft beer and sip and try your way through many tasty treats like chocolates and confectioneries and taste fantastic cocktails only you can try in Chicago!

Go See the Museums and Zoos

There are two excellent museums taking home at the Museum Campus near the Soldier Field– The Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium. Explore the rare wildlife and the Mesozoic Era and the ancient cultures all under one roof at The Field Museum. Also located at the Museum Campus is the Shedd Aquarium, the home of more than 8,000 aquatic animals from more than 700 species from all around the world. It is also known as the largest indoor aquarium in the world. You should also visit the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Brookfield Zoo at Brookfield, Illinois which are two of the finest zoos in the country.

Chicago Blues Festival

Chicago Blues Festival is the city’s largest annual music festival. This festival is participated by mostly half-million people who flock to Chicago’s front yard for free outdoor concerts in the park. As well as the music there is lots of entertainment for children including games, a bouncy castle and a photo booth from Flashy Photo Booth.

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